Monday, February 10, 2014

A little Sunshine, House Of J nomination for a Sunshine Award.

What an AMAZING thing to read in your inbox " your blog brightens my day and I've nominated you for a Sunshine award"

After being a bit overwhelmed with kids, life and my business goals, blogging has come last in the equation and I couldn't be more touched. And with this, my blogging motivation has returned. So thank you so much PinkHeartString for the glowing feeling.

What is the Sunshine Award: 
A blogger to blogger award that is given when your blog inspires others or brings ‘sunshine’ by inspiring them creatively.
Rules of the award: 
Answer 11 questions with random facts about yourself asked by your nominee. Then forward the recognition by choosing 11 other blogs and ask the bloggers 11 questions about themselves.

Kareen with PinkHeartString passed on these questions to me for the nomination- Here are my answers.

1. As a mother, how do you consider blogging? Is it a job, a hobby or a past time?
For me blogging is a hobby that encourages me to create new wholesome recipes and to try new things. House Of J started as a blog and has developed into an actual money making food industry business. I am so grateful.

2. One challenging part of being a parent is to discipline the kids. How do you discipline your kids? Can you cite one example of a situation where you tried to teach them something?

Disiplining is the hardest part of being a mother to me, and I try to use methods that encourage children to grow from within' and follow an "attachment parenting" model.

3. Since you are occupied with so many Super Mom stuffs, what do you enjoy doing when your child is not around?

Quiet nights with my husband doing nothing. You forget how soothing quiet can be when you become a mother.

4. When you had kid/s, how did it affect your relationship with your husband, family and friends?

Becoming a mama has done nothing but grow more and more love in every aspect of my life. My husband and I make an incredible parenting duo.

5. All of us have dreams and aspirations in life. Did you achieve yours? Or was it detoured when you had a child?

I feel like we are in just the beginning stages of achievement and through love, teamwork and a strong family bond all of our dreams can be facilitated together.

6. Are you a shoppaholic? What certain stuffs do you always get and can't resist to buy? Did that change when you had a children?

I have a deep appreciation for "finer" things, but materialism and "stuff" means very little to me, and even more so now that we have children.

7.  Did you look into maintaining a good figure, wearing makeup and fashionable clothes after giving birth?

I will admit that my fashion sense and desire to be on trend with the best designers or newest looks have pretty much disintegrated after becoming a mother but I know when to dress up when its needed :)

8. What do you usually do when your child(ren) get tantrums? Do you yield to their demands or you impose discpline?
I do give in occasionally, but tantrums are mostly met with love and redirection.

9. My daughter loves Lalaloopsy and we are supportive of that. But we don't buy her every doll she wants. How do you spoil your kids while making sure that they will not get "totally spoiled"?

We are incredibly selective with tv shows and "sweets" so when the occasion is special and calls for goodies, they are usually very enthusiastic. We try hard to say "no" and "yes" when the situation calls for it but the old term "spoil" is not something that I think much about. 

10. My daughter and I loves to eat ice cream a lot like everyday! What is one foodie that you and your kids love to eat together?

Yogurt and granola!

11. What are the crazy things you usually did when you were a teenager which you do not want your kids to do?

Getting a tattoo. Very hypocritical of me, but I wish they would make the decision to NOT get any body art.


This was so fun- I enjoyed the questions and am excited to think up my own set!

I've been inspired by so many blogs but these particular blogs really stand out.

1  Food Babe
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7.100 Days of Real Food

These ladies have inspired me beyond words. And although this is the equivalent of a blogger chain letter- I do appreciate all the work that these bloggers put into their blogs and their creative inspirations.


Call me a rule breaker but because I've passed this on to my 7 most admired blogs, I've created a list of just 7 questions...

1. What inspired you to begin writing for the world to see?

2. Creating new content can be challenging, How do you get over writing blocks or blogger hurdles?

3. Where do you envision your blog going to in the future?

4. How do you find a happy balance between blogging for the love of what you do and blogging for monetary value?

5. If there was one thing you could change about the future of our world, what would it be?

6. What would you say to women, especially mothers, who have so much to contribute but just don't know where to begin

7. What is the most touching message you've received from a fan of your blog?