Saturday, May 23, 2015

6 Steps to becoming an IMPACTFUL brand.

The modern consumer demands more from brands than ever before. The days of captive media audiences are over. Social media has become the premiere method of information exchange and with that, the buying behaviors have changed. Success is based on developing strategies that address the modern consumer's expanding expectations. The Modern buyer appreciates the history and significance of what they are buying.

1. Create an experience that exceeds brand standards and expectations:
Try adopting a social media persona that relinquishes control to the consumer by providing them a sense of brand ownership. This could be as simple as offering a controlled contest in which popular vote chooses the next color of your new design. Or the ever popular "name our new flavor" campaign.

2.Devote resources to expand social media marketing:
Modern consumers appreciate two-way conversations, with platforms such as Facebook & Twitter. Consumers can feel closer and more involved with the brands they purchase from.

3. Engage and influence the conversation:
Brands must deliver an experience to their audience by proving equity, quality and functionality by identifying the qualities that define your brand and showcasing why the consumer may be "missing out".

4. Stand behind your ideals:
Every brand should have a mission statement that becomes the cornerstone of the customer experience. Ranging anywhere from out of this world customer service, or a commitment to sustainability- show your customer you live by this method and why they should to.

5. Offer exclusivity:
Creating marketing opportunities to small groups of a target audience can be much more beneficial over spreading a thin campaign to a large number of unmotivated consumers. Identifying small groups with large buying power interested in your brand will be a better, more targeted use of efforts.

6. Empower Consumers:
Deepen your relationship with consumers by allowing them to become a part of brand identity. Encourage consumers to upload content, images and comments about your brand. Humanize the goods or services provided by replying to individual consumers by name.

This graph represents consumer purchases based on necessities, basic needs, wants and luxury items. Categorizing where your product or service falls within this graph will help you in targeting your niche. <3 Power on entrepreneurs <3 Power ON!