Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toddler Summer Mac

       Julia loves mac and cheese.  Recently I have been extremely aware of the unnecessary sugars in processed foods that I try to make what I can from scratch. The problem with scratch traditional home baked mac and cheese is that it is usually very rich, isn't fast enough to whip together for your toddlers lunch and requires an oven.  With today's heat,that was not happening.

I suppose you could bake this but the point of this "summer Mac" is that it's quick, easy and light.

      Even 10 minutes seems like forever to a hungry toddler, Luckily this is a super quick recipe that is complete by the time the pasta has cooked.  The sauce starts as a rue. For 2 cups pasta I used 1.5 tablespoons of butter and equal parts flour, added about 1/4 cup of milk( didn't really measure exactly) after this simmers up to a light boil I added about another quarter cup milk and a pinch of salt,pepper, and paprika.

        I added 4 slices of light sargento thin sliced cheddar but this is where you can get creative. I wanted to try a feta/jack combo but Julia loves cheddar and this was for her. Once the cheese melts and the sauce gets saucy again you can throw in the pasta. It might look too cheesy ( is that possible?) but the pasta absorbs it.

       After I served Julia I added another pinch of pepper and paprika and it was perfectly seasoned for grown ups. Mac and cheese isn't the best reheat and there was a bit left over so we will try it tomorrow to see how it holds up compared to its processed boxed version. Once Jacob eats real food I doubt I will have a leftovers problem.

I felt it only fitting to take a picture using Julia's plate.

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