Tuesday, December 25, 2012

ThredUp.com- A Review

Let me start off by saying that I had intended to review this service when I first sent out my toddlers  clothes. I was so excited at the idea and really thought what a wonderful way to have someone else's munchkin get good use out of her things...I even took this picture of the bag filled to max capacity in preparation to write a POSITIVE review.

I was really excited...

Sorry to say that I am no longer excited, I am hysterical. I almost threw up when I received there email reviewing my merchandise..It seems as though they put the very basic, lower end goods up for sale on the site, paid me minimally-($12). And said that all the other goods were not fit to sell and that not only would they be keeping my stuff, but they aren't compensating me for it. I even offered to pay for the shipping so that my items could be returned to me at no additional fee to them. They still declined and vaguely said it would be "recycled".

They are very clear to send them top brands and items with tags...to steal?

  • Clothing in new to like-new condition
    items should be in pristine condition. Learn more about our high Quality Standards here.
  • Clothing that's freshly laundered
    clothing should look and smell clean. Please wash and fully dry all clothing before placing it in the bag. Clothing that is still moist does not travel well in a sealed plastic bag
  • Top brands
    such as Oiliy, Mini Boden, Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, Hanna Banana, Baby Lulu and Baby Nay
    NWT (new with tags) items
    we pay more for items that are so new that they still include price tags - however, we do not guarantee we accept all NWT tag items, as they must still meet our standards and be free of imperfections

Check these pictures out, these are items I sent, that they deemed, unfit to sell. $80 Geox boots and $60 Geox sneakers, Merrell sneakers that were worn ONCE.. Jackets and Dresses...

This outfit was also sent- These are organic thread pants from a vegan store in Williamsburg, Bklyn.

Needless to say, I have been in tears since I they told me what they were going to "compensate" me for.

Accepted ItemsSizePrice / Payout
Baby Gap Shrug 12-18 Mo
12 mo$ 9.99 / $ 3.00
Baby Gap Rash Guard 12-18 Mo
12 mo$ 5.99 / $ 1.20
Baby Gap Long-sleeve Shirt 18-24 Mo
18 mo$ 5.99 / $ 1.20
OshKosh B'gosh Short-sleeve Shir...
12 mo$ 3.99 / $ 0.80
Baby Gap Tank Top/sleeveless Top...
12 mo$ 3.99 / $ 0.80
Little Bitty Dress 18 Mo
18 mo$ 3.99 / $ 0.80
Carter's Tank Top/sleeveless Top...
18 mo$ 2.99 / $ 0.60
Baby Gap Hat 12-18 Mo
12 mo$ 5.49 / $ 1.10
Baby Gap Sandals 7
7$ 7.49 / $ 2.25

Converse Sneakers 5
5$ 4.99 / $ 1.00

The site is a huge scam.. if you google reviews...everyone has the same complaint. expensive things with tags, not paid out.

In hindsight I should have went into the FAQ section of the site and read every single line. But I moved across the country with 2 babies, I read all the rules and all the guidelines. Nowhere on those areas of the site is their "sorry we keep your stuff and don't pay you" policy listed..

here is a link to more reviewers, they also have 30 complaints filed against them with BBB.com I will be number 31, unless another mommy beats me to it.


I don't care about the money specifically but any and every mommy out there knows that for some odd reason, your babies clothes are special to you, so when you feel that they were stolen from you, They could have instead been sitting in that bin in your basement for blissful memories.


  1. I am like you, I wish I had known before I sent my bag in... I sent it in probably about the same time as you. Over 20 items, excellent quality - I know I have a 100% positive status on my ebay account where I regularly resell clothing and got $7! TOTAL SCAM!

    1. So sorry you had to deal with the same issue, there are 30+ more like us with BBB.org reports right now also. You are not alone.

  2. I was a member of ThredUp when they did the trading of boxes. I set out over 30 boxes and ALL my boxes were rated 4 stars. Once they went to this online consignment shop I sent in a bag of garage sale leftovers and was fine with a $21 payout. It was not my best stuff. I then sent another bag of great items and out of 30+ items they accepted TWO for a paoutof $7.50!! There were new items, great brands, and awesome things! After complaining on their Facebook page and threatening to write a blog post I received a phone call...mainly with run arounds "Your bag was torn...maybe the best stuff fell out?" and no explination of why someone like me who has sent only the best clothes out to their previous trading customers and always getting the best reviews was now having my even better clothing rejected!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is obvious that there business practice is completely immoral. I hope you received some sort of vindication for the hassle!

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this. I have sent in many bags of NEW items and they have paid pretty good but I had notes like "to much wear" on items they didn't take. Wear? It was new???

  4. Try www.liljellybeans.com It's about the same payout difference is they catalog your items and they list even the items that may show signs of wear just significantly lower. But hey they list them. And the ones they can't sell they tell you the items and were they were donated. None of the items I sent were not listed. The only thing is you get your money when an item sells not up front. Takes longer to get a pay out but worth it in the end as all my items were paid for not stolen...Hope this helps you guys out

  5. I had a positive experience purchasing a few items from Thredup. This encouraged me to try selling, and this has been quite a different matter. I sent in two bags, one contained Cole Haan and Rangoni shoes and a pair of brand new Report Signature rhinestone covered boots still in their box (featured item on many fashion sites). I emailed Thredup about their acceptance of these items and was told to use their “Return Assurance” feature. For a $12.99 fee, what ever it is they don't accept, these items will be returned to you. I did so and guess what? I received an email informing me that they had not accepted anything from this bag and since there was no “credit” to deduct the fee from, my items would not be returned to me! I was stunned. I believed that I would be notified to “go to checkout” and pay the fee. I have written several follow-up emails, no response. How legitimate can this be? Thredup does the “evaluation” of items, deems the items “unsuitable,” then disposes of the items as they see fit, even though the contents of the bags were identified for return?! Another person has stated she recognized her unique items posted on Ebay, it wouldn't surprise me to see the boots show up there too. My second bag (sent in at the same time) is still being processed. Three weeks have passed and since the horrible experience with the shoes, I have grave concerns. This bag contained 25 items. (I included an inventory of the items in the return bag.) Christian Dior, Eileen Fisher, Lafayette 148, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, etc. many are silk, cashmere items. All in such excellent condition that when I sent them I was confident that most would be accepted and did not identify the bag for Return Assurance. Obviously, have learned since then that this doesn't make any difference. But, still feel pretty dumb for not doing so. You are required to opt in for “Return Assurance” prior to the bag being processed. This, no doubt, allows the processing person to find justification, (one way or the other) for not making a fair payout. But I have learned that either way, a seller recieves about...nothing! In theory it sounds like a great idea to be able to clean out your closet with the convenient, cute “no cost” bag, but in reality that is the hook. We are all busy, the bag makes it convenient and the idea of making a little money from little used items seems like a win-win. In reality, Thredup ends up with sellable items for pennies, (if that) on the dollar. Their buying practices are suspect. I feel like my items were stolen from me by what is a rigged “return assurance” policy. I will take the advice of another Thredup user and contact the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. Wouldn't it be a good thing if one of the local news shows' consumer advocates did a story to expose all this? Lesson learned...if I am going to consign, I'll make the effort with a bricks and mortar store. At least you know immediately what they are taking, you take home or donate the rest. With Thredup, you might as well have just given away your items. Unfortunately, you are left feeling totally ripped off and victimized. Google reviews...you will find multiple complaints have been filed with the BBB, other reporting sites, blogs. I wish I had done my homework!

    1. I am SO sorry Deb! Unfortunately we live in a world where the BBB can be bought, corporations have low moral standards and consumers are left with zero "service" in their customer experience. As a consumer, a mom and a multi-business owner- the corruption disturbs me to no end. We've hung on to all our children's clothing in hopes to resell to individuals and actually help our community save money on children's clothing. I've had unfortunate experiences with Once Upon a Child as well :( Only LOCAL OWNED non-franchised consignment for me as well Deb! Good luck and keep me posted!