Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nursing...Trial & Error, Support and Cookies

Nursing is hard...If you think it is going to be a cake walk...YOU ARE CRAZY.

I have been nursing my 8 month old for 8 months minus 2 days...Before that, I nursed my 2.5 year old until she was 11 months.

Not because I wanted to stop. Because SHE wanted to stop...she was done. Very independent little girl and that was just the beginning.

My heart sank when I took my daughter to her first pediatrician appointment only to be told that she was starving and needed formula. I listened of course, but know better now.

I struggled...A LOT. I had production issues and 2 preemies. My youngest was in NICU and I couldn't feed him until the third day. I was very lucky that we were able to connect even though we missed those first critical hours when he was taken out of my arms and put in an incubator. It took a good few weeks months before we got a good nursing routine going and it stopped being so painful.

I was in some serious pain for a long while with the little fellow, bad latching, extra sensitivity, who can be sure the reasons. If it wasn't for EarthMamaAngelBaby...I'd probably given up.

I stuck with it for the second time around again, and I am so so glad I did...My little guy went from 1% to well over 30% in just a few short weeks and is practically walking at 8.5 months.. Both my children are so smart and I do give the mothers milk just a little of that credit...ok...A LOT of credit.

But I know it can be so challenging and production issues are mostly out of our control. Especially as new mommies who are consistently told to give in and give formula. I was lucky enough to stumble upon some cool sites and blogs listing the benefits and health factors of things like brewers yeast, oats and flax. I tried ever trick in the book, supplements and teas, they tasted so gross. But I was willing to do anything.

With my skills in the kitchen I knew I could create something delicious, healthy and great for nursing mommies.

Cookies of course...

I'm sharing this story with you as some inspiration to keep at it, and don't give up until your baby is ready. It's so worth it.

You can buy them Here. Or send me a letter for a donation to your cause( woman's shelters, veteran's and their wives, etc, through House of J's facebook page.

*(plug for earth mama angle baby is my own opinion and experiences I was not compensated or approached for this review)

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