Monday, February 25, 2013

Homemade Baby Wash

I LOVE the idea of chemical free beauty products. But I worked in the beauty industry for many years and know that, without those chemicals we are so used to...It is hard to still feel satisfied with the body products you make at home or buy from an all natural grocer.

I have some favorites from trying different things from the amazing section of beauty products @ Wholefoods. They will put you in the poorhouse.

Here is a frugal way to make baby wash without using many ingredients. This filled up the extra large bottle of calming wash that I reused and it hardly made a dent in the products I purchased to make it.

This recipe filled a 32oz bottle of baby wash

You Need:
5 Tablespoons Dr Bronners Baby Mild Castile Soap
1 Bag of Chamomile tea- Brewed
2-4 Drops Tea Tree Oil with Lavender
Small Spouted Funnel

1.Take your Chamomile tea and funnel it into a container of your choice
2. Add Dr Bronners Baby Mild Soap
3. Add Essential Oils
4. Fill the rest with water
(Fill slowly, stopping when you see bubbles rising so that your soap doesn't spill over.
5. Shake it up and write a little label :P


  1. What a great idea, my little one is so sensitive to the store bought stuff

  2. A great idea! Especially for those with sensitive skin! Wish I had thought of this years ago with my kids!

  3. This is an awesome recipe! Any idea how much one of the large bottles costs to make? I'd make it anyhow just because it's better for my little ones, but I'd love to see the price comparison. Thanks for sharing on Wellness Wednesdays. I'm pinning this and sharing with my facebook followers!

  4. Thanks so much! My little guy has some super sensitive skin and those pre made soaps are just so pricey!

    I'm not sure how many bottles exactly this would make, but the cost of the ingredients are as follows:

    Large bottle Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild=$15.99
    Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil= $8.99
    Box of chamomile tea=$5-ish

    So this seems like a lot when you write it out $30.00 for all. But.. I didn't even make a dent in the essential oils, tea is multipurpose of course and the Dr. Bronners castile soap, I'd say I could make AT LEAST another 4-5 more of these at the very very least.