Friday, June 28, 2013

Roasted Peach Iced Chai

I know I've been on a preachy kick lately about GM ingredients but it is a really important issue to me. My Facebook friends must be so sick of my horror story GMO posts but I just want to keep spreading the word and make my family, friends and readers all aware of whats going on with our food these days.

 I've had a super busy season so far. Between the little munchkins, everyday housewife duties and running my small business,I've just been swamped. I was asked to try out some goodies that were organic and GM free and thank goodness I did because they were such a life saver during such a hectic few weeks. I've posted before on my love of Chai tea but the one Davidson's sent me was out of this world! I roasted some fresh organic peaches with a little cane sugar and blended my tea with some roasted peach puree.

Chai is usually super high in caffeine so a caffeine free version was just what I needed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chai. but after a morning coffee and an afternoon protein smoothie, sometimes you can feel like you are on caffeine overload. I am thrilled I can now have some afternoon Chai without the caffeine!

I was also sent some AMAZING GM-Free fig bars in a bunch of flavors. My favorite by far was the vanilla, but the blueberry was delicious also. This is a healthy treat that I feel comfortable feeding my 3 year old. And they were such a life saver to have in the diaper bag for myself & my hubby on the run.

 They were also dairy free for those of us who are intolerant or are nursing dairy sensitive kiddos..My one recommendation to Nature's Bakery is to remove the caramel color. I think us mama's are ok with  a fig bar not being visually appealing if that means there are less additives and unnecessary ingredients for our families.
I've even seen these guys at Costco! If you are a member and can get the box of these yummies at a bulk price I wouldn't pass it up. 

For an on the run,yummy dessert like treat with half the calories, sugar and preservatives as your leading grocery store "healthy bars" natures bakery for sure takes the cake.. Or should I say fig!

Recipe For Roasted Peach Iced Chai

4 fresh organic peaches quartered
1/4 cup pure cane sugar
5 bags of Davidson's Organic Spiced Chai
1 qt boiling water
1 qt cold water
lots and lots of ice!

Cut peaches in half and then in half again and sprinkle with sugar
In a 415 degree oven roast your peaches for 20-30 minutes or until the tops are carmelized and gooey and they slide right off the skin with a fork. 

Steep your tea bags in boiling water for 8 minutes (I find this is the perfect strength for iced)

Puree your peaches with an emulsion blender, food processor  and then strain any of the larger pieces out.

Add puree too your cold water and then pour the brewed tea right over.

Add ice to your pitcher and enjoy!!!

House Of J was sent these products gratis to review but the views and opinions expressed are 100% my own. House Of J is not paid in exchange for advertising.

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