Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orange Creamsicle Greens & Protein Smoothie

Green smoothies... All the rage right now.

While I try not to follow "new miracle" food trends. There are a few trends that have really improved my over-all health and wellness. I try to drink a green smoothie every single day.

My energy level skyrockets and theyreally lift me out of that tired early morning grogginess. When do babies and preschoolers sleep through the night again? Never? Oh I guess I'll be drinking green smoothies forever.

 I've learned what my body needs to function and what my cravings really mean. Since the addition of RAW Fit protein powder to my daily green smoothie my cravings have almost 100% diminished. Now, I am a woman after all so chocolate cravings will never disappear but they aren't controlling my diet any more.

 Green smoothies on their own shouldn't be a full meal replacement but adding RAW fit makes them more satisfying and adds even more kicked up nutrients.

 My Cacao Berry Blend Protein Shake uses RAW Protein in Cacao flavor. All protein powders are not created equal, in that post I show you all the junk found in your average protein powder.
Finding an organic and GMO free verified dietary brand was a life saver!

RAW Fit is a USDA Certified organic, RAW, plant-based vegan high-protein powder that is an easy way to increase your protein intake.

One of the "trendy" ingredients in RAW Fit, is Green Coffee Bean Extract- It helps you maintain healthy blood sugar, boosts energy and naturally increase fat burning capabilities.

Between the duties of being a stay at home mommy, my business and all of the other things life throws your way, I missed going to my Barre Fitness classes for 2 whole weeks! I still managed to lose 2lbs in those 2 weeks and I'd like to think its with the help of my smoothies!

One thing to always remember is to keep trying new ways to make your smoothies so you don't lose momentum . I always buy different kinds of fruits, greens flavor and yogurts to keep it interesting.

This smoothie recipe is my favorite and most used! It reminds me of an orange Julius but greener, healthier and without the sugar.

You need:

8oz Organic 100% Orange Juice
4oz Organic Kefir  (I buy all different flavors but I've heard some amazing things about adding small amounts of pomegranate to your diet so I'd been buying the pom/acai blend
1 ripe medium banana(frozen) I let my bananas ripen and then freeze for smoothies. You can use a non frozen banana and add ice as needed instead.
1 scoop RAW Fit- Garden Of Life
1 individual packet/ 1 scoop Orange Blend Greens- Amazing Grass

Always add your wet ingredients first when blending with powders- otherwise it will taste grainy
add in fruit next and then RAW Fit & Greens

Blend on high until desired consistency. I prefer more of a juice beverage consistency but if you like more yogurty add more kefir, or Ice for a "granita" style =)

Drink up with a cute paper straw for added pizzazz :P

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  1. I've haven't really jumped on the smoothie bandwagon yet. Mostly because It seems like a lot of work, but this recipe seems doable.