Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I buy handmade...A review

With our hands in 100543234234 things this summer and the attention of mom and dad split a few more ways than usual, it is SO important to us to set time aside for fun.

We play with friends, we go to the splash pad and we most definitely have our afternoons of wild and crazy play time.

Balancing family, entrepreneurship and community outreach has been one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced. It helps so greatly that I am a part of an amazing community of mom-owned businesses who also walk the tightrope of business-owner and mama. As a multi-business owning mama I can truly vouch for those little memes that say things like "buying local means paying for a little girls ballet classes" Every dollar earned from House of J goes towards our children and back into our community- supporting local as much as we possibly can.

With new articles out there everyday on corruption from big name stores, child labor and unfair wages for workers, it seems like the only safe bet is to purchase clothing from small batch, local artisans who produce their clothing by hand or in US garment facilities only. While this can sometimes be pricier, the reward is so much greater.

Sweetpea Mcgee is a brand-new Facebook based children's clothing boutique that offers beautiful hand made pieces in very limited quantities. The quality and durability is immaculate and my 4 year old is just the preschooler to test it out! J is tough on her clothes and when she falls in love with a new dress, that's the dress she wears...and wears...and wears...and WEARS!

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Because buying local and preferably MOM made, is so important to me (and YOU!) I asked Kashara, owner of Sweetpea McGee a few questions about WHY she chooses to balance work and being a full time mama

House Of J:  I've seen you make your daughter beautiful dresses forever, what made you decide to start selling your creations?

Sweetpea McGee: I decided to start selling on facebook because my children are young and this way I can share my creative passion and creations with others while still enjoying their fast childhood years. I can control the flow of how many items I create per month and how many items I put up for sale. That way I can still do school volunteering, field trips, tiny tots classes and household necessities with a good balance for everything.

House Of J: why do you choose the fabric you choose

Sweetpea McGee: Why do I choose the fabric I do is such a tough question. I am drawn to so many fabrics because of their beautiful colors and composition. I see fabrics that I love and I try bring out their beauty as best as possible by pairing it with the best pattern to make it all shine. I have multiple nieces and a daughter and I truly try to put myself in their shoes. It really takes me into such a fun and creative mind frame..oh to be a child again.

House Of J: What is your design inspiration?

Sweetpea McGee: My inspiration or my driving force to continue doing what I love is basically the smiles and happy faces I see every time I receive a photo from a customer saying "Thank you!" I really have more creations in my head than I can ever create with my time but I truly am passionate about delivering a product that will send a little one over the moon with happiness.

And She's done just that! Sent my little one- Over the moon in twirling-whirling dress happiness!

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