Sunday, June 15, 2014

Running like a .....snail? turtle?

Have you heard the term- "Run Like a Mother?" For me, this term is not only adorable, but its inspiring, motivating and up-lifting. Yes, I'm a mom, I don't sleep much, I take care of my self last and I can RUN!

Well... For me, I cannot run. But I am going to try. For now I'll go by the phrase WALK like a Mother. And that is OK. For now.

Exercise has always been a really important part of my life, even through injuries, very uncomfortable pregnancies and mommy-hood I've always placed a high importance on getting those exercise endorphins pumping.

But I've always been tied to the 4 walls of a gym. It's time for a change. I live in beautiful Colorado and I should be seeing the world around me. So I'm pausing my cozy corner of yoga and pilates and expanding to outdoor walk/running. With the help of my friend and fitness guru through Fit4Mom FrontRange.

Was I the slowest mama? YEP. Did I feel like I was dying? YEP. Was I embarrassed? A little.  But totally worth it.

Eating organic, healthy and real foods is only 1 part of the equation. Being OUTDOORS is so important to overall health and well-being. Waking to sunlight proves to aid in weight loss and folks who spend time outdoors are better sleepers, less depressed and the list goes on.

So along with my goals for the summer, exercising OUTDOORS is one of my biggest priorities. Then I can come home and reward myself with one of these delicious smoothies.

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  1. You are inspiring! I can't wait to see your incredible change!